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Question about:

Atomic Bomb

Wed, 23 Sep 1998

Answer from Kazu

From: "Carla Tello" To: "Kazu Kuriyama"

Hi Kazu!
This is Carla and I'm going to tell you about my experience at the Newsmuseum.
My research was about the "Atomic Bomb". I have to tell you that William Laurence, a science writer during the dawn of the nuclear age, told the story of the dropping of the World first n-bombs. He filed eyewitness accounts for the New York Times where he worked, and also he wrote press releases for the government.
This writer gained respect among the scientists when he revealed the potential of the atomic power and then he explained the bomb problem to the public with the government permission. He watched and wrote government news explaining the testing of the atomic bomb in New Mexico desert. This historic assignment ended with him when the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki Japan.
Only his wife, his managing editor and his publisher knew he was involved in this secret war effort, but even they kept in secret any detail, without explanation William Laurence disappeared for that days at a time.
This writer won de second Pulitzer Prize for his eyewitness account of the Nagasaki bombing and the details he gave about the birth of the atomic bomb.
Today we don't know how this writer could remain independent as a journalist while he also had relationships with the government. Probably this happened because there was a war at that time and there were difficult problems that people had to face.
Thank you Kazu after reading my topic. I'would be glad to answer any doubt or question.