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Thu, 24 Sep 1998

Answer from Christina

From: "Rosamaria Suarez" To: "Christina"

Hi Christina:
My case is about the Famous Sports Figure's Possible Involment in a murder.
I think you know who I'm talking about, of course the famous O. J. Simpson.
In june 1994 Nicole Brown Simpson ex-wife oh this legendary football player, was brutally murder along with his "friend" (obviously boyfriend) Ron Goldman outside her Los Angeles home. O. J was charged of murder.
TIMES magazine had several choices for it's cover because LosAngeles Police Deparment released Simpson's mug shot, so TIMES used a technique known as digital photo manipulation, the shot of Simpson was shaped into an icon tragedy, the photo was darkened and at the botom of the picture said " An American Tragedy". A week later many African-American were outraged, they protested because of the altered photo, so TIMES printed a one page apology for this cover, saying that it never intended to proyect an image that impied racism or guilt.
Codes of ethics say that the content of news photos should not bedistorted, and that photo illustrations must be shown as such, also the use of digital technology can disturb ethical issues for journalism manipulating images especially news images, can easily damage the acredibility for all photojournalism.
I think is not ethical altering the photo, but I can't forget that every one has the right to say whatever you want and to do anything without braking the law, especially in the United States, the world FREDOOM it's well known. I also think that is stupid to think (I'm refering to what african amercican protested for) that he didn't do it, it was obvious he did it, just because he is black and a great football player doesn't mean I'm going to support him, a killer it's a killer.
Like I said before, I think it's not ethical altering a photo, but in this case I think it's alright because he killed his wife, and a killer like him doesn't deserve anything, and also I think he lost his rights at the time he commit his crime.
I don't know if you agree with me, just let me know.
Rosa Maria Suarez