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Oklahoma Bombing

Thu, 24 Sep 1998

Answer from Bang-Jiou

From: "Miguel Ossandom" To: "Bang-Jiou"

Hey Bang Jiou!!!
I want to tell you about an article I was reading which really grabbed my attention. The reason I found it so interesting was that it showed how the media can influence people's opinions and reactions.
In April 1995, a car bomb was left in front of Alfred P. Murray Federal building in Oklahoma City. One hundred sixty-nine people were killed, and six hundred were injured (included children from the building's daycare center). Three people Middle East origin were arrested. The media immediately took action, and firmly declared "Islamic terrorist put the bomb". The public influenced by the media's declarations started blaming everybody from the Middle East. Many threats were made against Arabic people. An Internet message was also put out saying "Arabic, you blew our Federal Building, now we are going to blow you on Friday". It was later found out the real bombers had not been Arabic. They weren't even from Arabic descent. Two white male Americans, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols were arrested.
As you have seen, the media played a great role on how the people reacted towards their declaration. This shows the great power the media has in influencing the public. Moreover, a big ethical problem arises; should the media express their own feelings or opinions to the public?
Or, should the media stay strictly writing the limits and present solidfacts?
What do you think???
Bye Miguel