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Thu, 24 Sep 1998

Answer from Carla

From: "Chikako Takada" To: "Carla Tello"

Dear Mrs. Weigert, I am really sorry to be late to send my summary.
And I haven't receive the Luis' summary yet.
Therefore, I only send my summary this time.
"Physical Disability of U. S. President" Franklin Delano Roosvelt was the nation's 32nd president who had been keep on conceiling a paralegic, though he could not stand without braces or walk without assistance. In the 1930 and 1940's, people wanted the strong president. That's why he only had two pictures which show his physical disability among 35,000 photographs. He thought that what the leaders needed was the respect, not sympathy. As a consequence, the photographers were always under the censorship by the FDR White house in order to hide his weakness. This type of deception would seem unthinkable today. However, there is a controversy between disability rights activists and the memorial comission for new memorial to FDR in Washington, D. C. The former mentions that there should be statues portray in a wheelchair. The latter states thatany portray of Roosvelt this way would "betray his memory. That's all.
I look forward to seeing you at tomorrow's class.
Chikako Takada