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Presidential Indiscretion

Thu, 24 Sep 1998

Answer from Miguel

From: "Elena Amezquita" To: Miguel

The name of my case was ì Presidential Indiscretionî, but the real name must be ì Presidential Candidate ís Indiscretionî.
In 1987, Gary Hart, senator for Colorado and presidential candidate, was acused to be ìwomanizerî or a man that being married, is involved with many women. He always denies that, by saying that he is married and anyone could follow him to see he never leaves with another woman.
The Miami Herald spyed on him and they discovered that Hart spent one weekend with one top model: Dona Rice. They had an overnight cruise on a yatch. Their pictures were published, and he had to quit the presidential race.
Jurnalist were acused of creating an scandal , by they defended by saying that the hipocrecy of the Senator challenged them to check up on him. The ethic question was : should press reveals public officialsís sexual life? My answer was no, and I think that privacy must be respected. However, I think that public men (or women) have the obligation to be very careful with his private life, because it it supossed that they must be an example for the society. It doenít mean that they have to be perfect, but it means that they have to prevent to be envolved in personal scandals.