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Oklahoma Bombing

Thu, 24 Sep 1998

From: "Stéphane Mailliard" To: "Bang-Jiou Chin"

Good morning, Bang-Jiou,
At first thank for your E-mail I well got.
I have read your summary about the Bombing in Oklahoma City.
Actually, I don't really understand where they are a dilemma or ethical problem.
I don't really agree with you when you say "we should be happy since we are not American", I consider I am a citizen of the World and I am affected the same when this kind of tragedy happends even it is not in my country.
I got your answer to my question too. I thank you for it.
I am a little bit disappointed by your answer, because you don't really answer to my questions. Anyway we will have the oppotunity to discuss more deeply in class about it.
With my friendship,