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Atlanta Olympics Bombing

Thu, 24 Sep 1998

From: "Chikako Takada" To: "Luis Dediego"

Dear Luis, Thank you for sending e-mail.
My opinion about the matter is as follows.
In this case, there is the collision of two sides: One is the public right that FBI and the police have. In other words, FBI has the rights to search and arrest the criminals.
And the mass media has the right to cover and report the cases. The other is the human right which the suspects of any and all cases has.
The conclusion would be different depending on which right we should respect. In this case, the damage was big and thretened the public interest heavily; accordingly, the rights of FBI and mass media went too far and invaded the human right of the suspect to a great extent.
Only one possible solution for this is to recover the damage which the suspect had completely. However, it is very difficult because once FBI or the police started to treat someone as a suspect, and the press began to report him/her as the suspect, to recover the honour is almost impossible.
We have no choice but the press should be more responsible for their information.
That's all. Thank you for your attention.