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The Civil War Photographers

Thu, 24 Sep 1998

Answer from Stephane

From: "Bang-Jiou" To: "Stephane Mailliard"

My pal, Stephane:
first of all, i appreciate your information and experience. This article will be interesting for you, for you are expert in photograph.
It is no doubt that journalists trained to find and reveal the secret or any kind of interesting things. People always think journalists are trained to look for dark clouds, but I prefer to state that journalists are feasting on truth. In my case, I just report the truth to the public, and I will not add any personal emtional opinion.
Fortunately, I can follow my rules so far.
In my mind, I do not care whether I could win Pulitzers or not, I just want to tell the truth to my readers; like a photograph.
Keep well,