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Fri, 25 Sep 1998

From: "Christina" To: "Rosamaria Suarez"

Dear Rosa, You information was very interesting to read, although I do not really agree with you.
I think that altering the picture is not right, not even in this case, because it represents an insult towards all black people and not just towards O. J.
Shure, he is a murderer, but HE is, not all African Americans. So I am of the opinion that not just becausepeople do not like him racism should be applied.
At the time when this issue was discussed, when the murder occured, I was already living in the U. S.
I followed this topic very intensely and read everyday about 2 or more hours about it.
I do absolutely agree with you that he is guilty (this was found out right after his aquittal!!!)and that this trial has been very much manipulated.
The jury has been changed about 4 or 5 times until most of the jury consisted of black people. And it has been manipulated because he was famous and black and rich. That is an absolute shame!
But never the less I recomend you for your life to not let things like this manipulate YOU and to not turn into a racist just because you do not like what ONE person of a certain race did.
Thank you for sharing your information with me!